Flower Carriers

This little gem was created one summer day in Olympia, Washington after Angela was clumsily traveling between the market and home on her bicycle with groceries and fresh-cut flowers. Those simple, plastic cones at the store were the inspiration; why don’t these things have handles? This version of the Dos Chicas flower carrier is named after Angela’s paternal grandmother, Barbara Edna. She was the lovely, loving Amish mother of 11 children. She loved her flower garden and the pretty things she kept in her china hutch.

This bag has a sturdy handle that hangs over your bicycle handle or shoulder, leaving you hands-free to steer your way home safely and continue shopping, grab your wallet, and apples as needed. The bottom is open to keep water from accumulating and allow long stems room. It is pleasantly balanced when full of flowers and won’t tip over on you. Buy a Barbara for your favorite flower lover!

Care instructions: Each Dos ChicasĀ© bag is made from waterproof oilcloth. It can easily withstand folding, crunching, shipping, traveling, and shopping. It is very easy to care for: Just wash with a soft cloth using mild soap and water, air dry only. Do not submerge in water.

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