Early 2000: This small series is a watercolor study of abstract swirly circles and my first attempt at drawing a weave. The first time I used a really heavy, cold-pressed paper, it was a revelation to me how my work looked so much better. I promise, using really good materials will amp up your art! Treat yourself like a professional. You deserve to use great materials for your craft.

Mid 2000’s: This watercolor series is about my thoughts and memories of my childhood home moving outside into the garden. Around 2003 words began to show up in my art; narrative of the piece, which I couldn’t help but include. When I moved into my first home as a homeowner, I saw small people and spirits in my new garden. Some of these images are cut from larger pieces. The little girl is me and how I felt lost and could easily blow away. I subsequently created paper and oilcloth pieces for Arts Walk 2007.

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