Do You Know Your Heart?

I gotta let this out…I am so confused. I see us dividing, it concerns me greatly, and I’m wondering why it’s happening. Is it perception? Is it fear? Is it greed? Our country is inflamed with anger and passion. We, literally, are at a tyrannical impasse. What do we do? The first thing that comes to mind is; 


Forgive your neighbor. Did you let that sink in?
Forgive your family. Can you?
Forgive yourself. You are worthy.. 

Then Forgive. And then Forgive again. And then again. And again…

We are not a Christian nation. We are NOT. Christianity has been warped and made into something I can only describe as hateful and unloving. Jesus did NOT walk and talk the path of killing someone you do not agree with. Jesus did NOT ever say to take a life because you are fearful of skin color or garments. Jesus did NOT turn away from anyone. This is what I see; Christians stuck in the Old Testament. You have made it your very life to separate yourself from other people. Honestly, you have separated from your own Self. Tell me, did you forget that there are only two commandments in the New Testament? 1. Love your God with All of Your Heart, Mind, and Soul? This is the greatest commandment and 2. Love your neighbor as Yourself? Did you let that sink in? The current American Christianity is zealous and confrontational. It is divisive, judgmental, and mean. And it is radical. Radical like ISIS. Radical like any group bent on hurting or killing other people because they don’t think like you do. Did you let that sink in?

Are you feeling guilt, regret, or shame at your choice of President? If you aren’t, I really question the basis of your belief system, and I am very, very unhappy with you. But, I don’t hate you. I will make you soup and invite you to have a bowl because you need to eat, too. And I will ask you a lot of questions because I really don’t understand you. Our entire political system is fucked up and the two-party system is a dinosaur. I can’t help you with any of that, but I can forgive. Forgive the process. Forgive the Electoral College. Forgive you… 

Our spectrum of beliefs I wish I could call a rainbow, but all I see are shades of gray and red. Conservative or liberal, we are fed  bias news at every turn. Depending on where you are on the belief spectrum will determine where you prefer to get your dose of news. I found this interesting chart I want to share with you:

Credit to Mark Fraudenfelder from 

I don’t have any answers for you. I do not know what is in your heart. I am just sharing what I see and feel. My heart is breaking every damn day because we don’t Love Each Other. I am tired of it. This world makes me so sad. And then, I can step back from the dramas and look at my family and I feel Love still there. And every day I see examples of Love in the world, of people being kind and humane, and loving. Yes, I see it.

I don’t talk about praying, ever. (Matthew 6:5-15) But, dear God, if you are a praying person, please, can we come together, without our own desires or agendas, and just hold and uplift each other as people for the good of our country and the entire planet? Please? We all want Peace and a way to take care of our families. Isn’t that common-enough-ground?

Simply, there are two forces in the Universe; Love and Fear. Despite all the fear I see being played out all over the globe, I also see Love and I choose to walk with it and remember that Love is where I come from and so do you. I choose to see It and I choose to be It.

May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free.

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